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He was following me. Who is he? Why is he doing this? Why do I feel like I am in more danger now he’s gone?

You’ve been trying for a baby for two years. Your husband disappears, returning with a newborn after two weeks.

Your estranged sister unexpectedly dies and would like you to become guardian to her son.

A mysterious merchant in a station sells all kinds of tickets to anywhere, fictional or not – where do you go?

When a dreamer dies, what happens to the dream?

Bored at college you start tapping inaudibly under your seat. You find a note stuck to the bottom of it.

Write about a world where eyes are a gateway to other dimensions, and eye colour determines the dimension within.

Sarah knew that jumping forward from this vast red rock would be her final jump; a step to her new home.

It was strange walking in through the front gate. Usually he’d be breaking in to a place like this.

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